Voting on UN resolution today placing ceiling on oil exports to North Korea

US Requests UN Security Council sanctions vote on North Korea

UN Security Council sanctions resolution to be put to a vote today will place a ceiling on crude oil exports to North Korea instead of a complete oil embargo. It remains unclear whether China and Russia will support the resolution. Both countries have veto rights and are cautious about strong sanctions.

The United States last week circulated a draft resolution among the Security Council member nations after the North’s 6th nuclear test on the 3rd of this month. It included a total ban on crude oil and gas exports to the North. The US in the past had claimed that only a crude oil embargo will have enough impact to change North Korea’s actions. Oil supplying nations China and Russia strongly opposed. They say the impact an embargo will have on the people of North Korea will be too great. UN diplomatic sources say, the draft resolution may be altered at last minute.

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